Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stitching updates :)

I have picked up some old projects and added some new ones. The only HAED I work on these days is Ruth Sanderson's Fall Fairy. I love it and want it actually finish it so I put the other ones aside. I also realized that I missed the other kind of stitching I do, so I got back into it over Christmas.

Here is my Fall Fairy. This one is amazing! Its fun to work on, not to much confettie but it is coming out so well, I can hardly wait to get to the big fairy.

This is the cutest little bear ever! Tatty Teddy from a UK magazine. I started him last Christmas and pulled him back out. He is really wintertime, so will be framed and put on the matel for all year long enjoyment.

This is my little finish, and would you believe I found that frame at the dollar tree? I was looking all over for a tiny square frame and couldn't find one and had to go to the dollar tree to help pick out gifts for the Sunday school class I assist with and there it was!

Seaside Cottages by Dimensions on 28ct evenweave:

I also am slipping in a couple other magazine designs, both from UK magazines but haven't made enough progress on either to take pics yet. I went to see New Moon with my sister for my birthday and while we were over that way, I went to Barnes and Noble and got 2 of them, I do that whenever I can. I like them so much better than the US magazines. I wonder why we can't have at least one magazine that is similar to them over here? hmmmmm