Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Serengeti start

I have spent the past 2 days on Serengeti..I am working my way around differently than with Deep Blue Sea. I decided to do 1/4th of part one at a time. Good thing too, those corner medallions are pretty intense, but so beautiful! I have done another conversion, and so far it looks great. I used the wrong shade of green in the border, but I won't tell if you won't. ;) I am not picking it out, its close enough, lol! Fabric is 28ct white lugana.

Thanks for looking!!


Monday, July 16, 2012

Deep Blue Sea, part 4

Time for the first fish medallion :) I hope to start tonight. I feel like I got through the first 4 parts pretty fast...finally getting somewhere.

I am finally in the Serengeti group and have the first 5 parts printed. Which is as far as they are just now, and actually just got part 5. If everything works as it should, I will get to order my supplies Wednesday. I worked up another conversion. This time I used more threadworx than DMC variations, but I got about 3 of those in there. I plan to make Serengeti my "in between" project for when I am caught up or taking a break from Deep Blue Sea. We will see how that goes though. :)) I love both of these projects, they are both so amazing!

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Ever since I started this project, I have really looked froward to stitching the oysters. Yesterday evening I got two of them done:

And here is a closeup of the first one I finished, its got such pretty colors in it, look closely :)

I dithered over whether to use pearl beads or do the rhodes for the pearls on the oysters. I decided on the rhodes, and iIadded a strand of pearl blending filament to add a hint of sparkle. I fully expect, unless something goes wrong, to finish the oysters and the rhodes bars today, so I can start a fish medallion by tomorrow. The 3rd one was released a few days ago...I feel so behind still! I want to get caught up with the group, its very motivating. I am not sure why I am so determined to catch up, but I really am!

Thanks for looking!

Have a happy weekend!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Part 3 of DBS, minus bars

All of the corals are done! I wanted a pic of them without the bars above them. I am going to start on those bars today and that is exciting because they are the foundations for the fish-scape scenes. I have more rhodes stitches to add as well, along the starfish. So part 3 is not nearly done yet I guess, but this is a nice landmark for me. :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Top and right corals finished!

Coming right along! Its soooo pretty!

I signed up for Serengeti last night, yikes! lol I couldn't hold out any longer. I wanted them both, from the beginning. Deep Blue Sea is the priority, Serengeti will be when I am caught up with DBS. :)