Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Project Update

I haven't spent a lot of time with her but here is the progress, she is looking gorgeous!! I liked both these pics so here they are, and last is the HAED site pic..she is Simply Rose. She is a tiny little one and will be easy to do. :)) She is on 22ct gray fabric, perfect color for this design, I think. :))) I love her hair especially!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Update on Hope and progress on my new HAED

With Hope, I have redone the back stitch around her eyes, and it looks much better, like the model pic now. This chart was a pill, there were several errors with it. One of which you can find on the JCS magazine website. The other I spotted after trying to do the BS and realizing something was amiss because mine looks a lot different. But, she is all sorted out now and I don't think there are any issues with her hair. At least, there is no BS in her hair, that's where all the trouble came in.

And here is my new HAED start, with just a few stitches in. I have started in the center. As she grows, I will share more pics..I thought I might not tell you who she is. :)) I am stitching her on 22ct grey fabric because it was the perfect size and color and I had it on hand. What could be better? Also, I had all but 15 f the 91 colors called for. She was meant to be, of course. :)

Thanks for looking!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Moonlight Immersion HAED update

Here she is!!!

She is a beautiful thing, I do love her. Someone said they were thinking of buying a HAED under my last post...I thought I would let you know that these designs can seem very overwhelming. I do only Quick Stitches myself. I am excited that they are now offering mini's of some of the larger designs, and that you can request the design of your choice be turned into a mini for a fee. These designs, no matter how big or small or very slow going. I am stitching this one on 25ct over one. Usually I use 22ct, over one. Some use 18 or 16 count as well. It all looks great, but gets bigger and bigger. So if you do try one, hang in there!! As you can see, they are well worth it.

Speaking of that, I saw on the Carriage House Sampling's Blog where someone had stitched one of those big designs over one on silk gauze. I thought, DUH! Why didn't I think of that? All this time, my holdup on stitching one of those was the big huge piece of fabric I would need. If I did it on 25st, problem solved. :))) It looks very good too, actually I think it looks better. So I am mulling that over now..maybe I need to get one and go for it. :))

Have a happy weekend! I will be continuing to work ob my sweet girl above, I am in a groove with her. Her kimono is gorgeous, I can't wait to get into the rest of it.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Updates on The Hedgehog and The Old West :))

Here is Mr Hedgehog, partially back stitched..he is so cute! Nimue designs are a bit tough with back stitch..its tedious so I do a bit at a time. As far as the stitching part goes, it moves along quickly. I use magnets and a magnet board to block off what area I want to work on and finish it before I move on to a new area. Soon I will go back to the top and start filling that in.

This is Little House Needlework's Old West! Its very easy to do, I really don't need my magnet board to stitch it. I love love the cowboy! I am excited to do the wagon and catcus in the little scene below him. I am having fun with it. :))

Cowboy closeup:

Right now, I am working on Moonlight Immersion from HAED, Ching-Chou Kuik. I got her out because I was bad and ordered a new HAED CCK chart yesterday, Simply Rose. She is so small though, she really won't make a ruckus in routine I don't think. :)))

Thanks for peeking!! More updates soon, I want to share Moonlight Immersion asap. She is gorgeous!!