Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Update on Hope and progress on my new HAED

With Hope, I have redone the back stitch around her eyes, and it looks much better, like the model pic now. This chart was a pill, there were several errors with it. One of which you can find on the JCS magazine website. The other I spotted after trying to do the BS and realizing something was amiss because mine looks a lot different. But, she is all sorted out now and I don't think there are any issues with her hair. At least, there is no BS in her hair, that's where all the trouble came in.

And here is my new HAED start, with just a few stitches in. I have started in the center. As she grows, I will share more pics..I thought I might not tell you who she is. :)) I am stitching her on 22ct grey fabric because it was the perfect size and color and I had it on hand. What could be better? Also, I had all but 15 f the 91 colors called for. She was meant to be, of course. :)

Thanks for looking!!

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Jan Gartlan said...

Hope looks lovely. Her eyes are beautiful. Oooh, how exciting -another HAED. Please tell...