Friday, May 17, 2013

More Tahiti!! :)

I have worked really hard to get this far. I had an unexpected day off work and pretty much stitched, all day. Currently I am working to finish off the blue circle so I can move on to the shells, turtles and fruit ornaments. Lots of work still! I hope I can get finished before part 2 comes out. I love the new Nora Corbett mermaid, the pixie sized one! I ordered her and I hope I can stitch on her. I have lost my mojo to work on Nora's stiff at the moment, hopefully she will bring it back. I love her hair, and the colors. She is a gorgeous little thing!! But Tahiti remain priority because I really really want to stay caught up all year on it. Fingers crossed!! Thanks for looking! <3


Ann said...

What a lovely piece this is going to be!

I'm still hesitating because I don't like the fish in the last parts (I'm not really a fish person) :-)

I love the ducklings in your header!

Have a nice day and a lovely weekend!

Kind greetings,

Melissa said...

Hi Ann! I absolutely LOVE fish, lol! between the fish and the turtles, I was sunk immediately. :) Thank you so much!