Friday, May 31, 2013

Red Riding Hood Update!

I took a break from Tahiti and black work turtles to finish up Red's skirt. It was very refreshing. :D She is pretty amazing...the colors are vivid its hard to get that to show. Today I will get back to Tahiti. Though I am tempted to work on Faerie Winter Dreams. I am almost there! I will pick up a Nora design soon I think. I ordered the chart and supplies for Sirens Song so hopefully will have it next week. I splurged and ordered a Caribbean Blue Jobelan...from Wichelt or something. Not a private type hand dyed. But I think it will be beautiful for her! Thanks for looking!


Mel said...

She looks just great! I've been thinking about getting this pattern and now I think I must!

chicago.mermaid said...

Melissa, I really want to buy this pattern! I can't get the dimensions of the material on any web site. Does she fit on a FE? Please answer asap? I am leaving this on a post from May and it is now July. There is a sale at a fabric place that ends today and I would love to order the fabric. Thanks!