Saturday, June 22, 2013

Upate on SIren'sSong :)

Here is my beautiful mermaid tail, all stitched from the center down except for beads. Gorgeous colors I think, she is very unusual and I love that. I have stitched on nothing but those ribbons for 2 days know, a mermaid's got to have her ribbons. hehe They really did add a lot of elegance to her. I am going to leave off the 2 skinny antennae looking parts on either side of her...I don't really want them. Other than that I won't change a thing! Thanks for looking!!! :) Melissa

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Nora Corbett Siren's Song WIP

I have a great start on this sweet little mermaid. I am enjoying her very much! I would have more done, but I got hooked into not one but two book series that I read over about a week about 6 books all together, yikes! My brain is tired, lol. Now I am on a god track with the stitching though and with as small as she is, it is highly tempting top just work oh her til she's done. May or may not do that. :D The chart is small. I don't *think* its just me. Be prepared to enlarge it. I didn't, and my eyes adjusted, but it would have been easier in so many ways if I had. She is all printed on one side and really, I think Wichelt could have made her bigger. Thanks for looking! :) <3 Melissa