Saturday, July 20, 2013

Nora Corbett Siren's Song HD

So there she is!!! She was a breeze...if I wasn't booked obsessed at the moment I could have finished her in at least half the time. I love love her colors! She is so different! I plan to frame her myself, best that I can so I can just hang her up ASAP. I want to be able to see her everyday. Now that she is done I will be starting Gypsy Mermaid. I am working her on Sea Lilly Linen..I am a little bummed about going back to 32ct after using 28 for weeks but I know it will look awesome. At least I will be able to see the chart really well! Siren's chart is super small! Plan to blow it up, like I didn't do and definitely should have, hah. :) Thanks for looking!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Upate on SIren'sSong :)

Here is my beautiful mermaid tail, all stitched from the center down except for beads. Gorgeous colors I think, she is very unusual and I love that. I have stitched on nothing but those ribbons for 2 days know, a mermaid's got to have her ribbons. hehe They really did add a lot of elegance to her. I am going to leave off the 2 skinny antennae looking parts on either side of her...I don't really want them. Other than that I won't change a thing! Thanks for looking!!! :) Melissa

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Nora Corbett Siren's Song WIP

I have a great start on this sweet little mermaid. I am enjoying her very much! I would have more done, but I got hooked into not one but two book series that I read over about a week about 6 books all together, yikes! My brain is tired, lol. Now I am on a god track with the stitching though and with as small as she is, it is highly tempting top just work oh her til she's done. May or may not do that. :D The chart is small. I don't *think* its just me. Be prepared to enlarge it. I didn't, and my eyes adjusted, but it would have been easier in so many ways if I had. She is all printed on one side and really, I think Wichelt could have made her bigger. Thanks for looking! :) <3 Melissa

Friday, May 31, 2013

Red Riding Hood Update!

I took a break from Tahiti and black work turtles to finish up Red's skirt. It was very refreshing. :D She is pretty amazing...the colors are vivid its hard to get that to show. Today I will get back to Tahiti. Though I am tempted to work on Faerie Winter Dreams. I am almost there! I will pick up a Nora design soon I think. I ordered the chart and supplies for Sirens Song so hopefully will have it next week. I splurged and ordered a Caribbean Blue Jobelan...from Wichelt or something. Not a private type hand dyed. But I think it will be beautiful for her! Thanks for looking!

Friday, May 17, 2013

More Tahiti!! :)

I have worked really hard to get this far. I had an unexpected day off work and pretty much stitched, all day. Currently I am working to finish off the blue circle so I can move on to the shells, turtles and fruit ornaments. Lots of work still! I hope I can get finished before part 2 comes out. I love the new Nora Corbett mermaid, the pixie sized one! I ordered her and I hope I can stitch on her. I have lost my mojo to work on Nora's stiff at the moment, hopefully she will bring it back. I love her hair, and the colors. She is a gorgeous little thing!! But Tahiti remain priority because I really really want to stay caught up all year on it. Fingers crossed!! Thanks for looking! <3

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tahiti and Red Riding Hood

Since I am doing the DMC suggestions from Martina, plus a few DMC color variations and Thread Worx choices of my own, I have my stuff and am working away! I got the Silk Lame's and Treasure Braid today and they are gorgeous!! I am so glad I splurged and got them...I am using 32 opalescent Jobelan for this. I was pretty set for it from the start, I didn't have to think about fabric options to much. :) And here is Red... She is coming along beautifully. I had to order more of the Buckeye Scarlett and pecan Pie (you will need 2 of each of these) and they came in with the bulk of my Tahiti materials. She is a great project to take to work or other places since she is easy to work on with so few colors. Plus, she looks impressive I like to show her off. Thanks for looking! Have a good weekend!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Red Riding Hood

Well, I knew if I let myself put even one stitch on this project I would be sunk and would not put it down. I WAS RIGHT! I am still working on it, and here is my progress: am sooo enjoying working on her! After all the tediousness of HAED's and Chatelaine's she is a breath of fresh air! Slightly haunting, so simple and beautiful. She is really perfect. <3