Friday, March 16, 2012

Odds and Ends from Nora Corbett Poppy, Lilac, etc.

Lilac is such a beauty, and I need to get her finished. She has been in rotation for a couple of years now. I did choose a Silkweaver Solo for her. I thought it was nice and subtle..I am not so much for the dramatic hand dyed's, I like plainer fabrics. I did swap out the greens in her skirt...not the 500's family, the other. I used a silk I had on hand and DMC something, lol. I wanted them to be darker and besides I didn't have those exact colors on hand when I kitted her. :) Lilac is not a whole lot smaller than Meddy Mermaid, but she is less involved especially in beading.

Poppy is AWESOME!!! I love everything about this girl, her cute hair, her gorgeous wings and that red gown. I have spent a few days with her now, and am hoping I don't finish to fast. She is fun to work on. :)) She is on 28ct white jobelan.

Ok, this is Nora's Letter L Fairy, fairy and a little perch for her only. I really liked the fairy, but had no use for the L part really. I decided she would be sweet on her own. I got the frame at The Dollar Tree! You can't beat that! She sits on my stitching table beside me while I stitch every night. She looks like she is holding the next beads that I need. :) I am so happy with how she turned out, frame and all.

Last is my Bluebeard's Princess, finished late last year. She is on the recommended fabric, with all called for materials. She is amazing, so full of color. I had a couple of set backs with her, one being spilling every single packet of beads on the floor at once. I couldn't work on her for sometime after that, lol. I also had problems with her hair, I kept making mistakes. Sometimes I felt like she was one of those cursed projects. ;) But I guess not, she is done and waiting to be framed.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Mirabilia Mediterranean Mermaid done

After about 3 years (to many projects) she is done, and she is amazing!

I am currently stitching Lilac Spring Garden and Poppy Pixie (among other things). I wil post pics of them soon. I am especially loving Poppy, those reds, yum!