Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Found a kit that I really like!

She is called A Touch of Gold and is by Bucilla, for only $30! I think her face is so pretty! I may have to get this next month, to celebrate spring. :D I will wait a couple weeks to make sure it isn't a passing fancy, lol. OK here is mystery 16 ugh. I am doing a lot of sighing while I work on this. I am not sure why I? I am a HAED stitcher, good grief this is nothing compared to those! But as you can see, I have made some progress. Its very slow going. Not only are we dealing with fairly heavy confetti, but there are lots of quarter stitches. All those missing spots in otherwise completed areas will be special stitches to give some texture. Its going to be gorgeous, and I am happy to say that my conversion is looking great compared with other pieces so I am happy about all of that, but MAN will I ever be done with part 1??! lol Its been a trip! So that's what I am working on right now. I finally managed to quit reading like a maniac and stitch again. That should help. ;) Thank you so much for looking! I appreciate all of the encouragement from everyone. I am feeling much better about my banishment from the Facebook group now, I think I am past it. I have several other groups that I enjoy that are great places to hang out and very fairly moderated. You just have to find the right fit. :) Melissa

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Two mermaids to love :)

I am sort of trying to talk myself into taking on a big HAED and I am looking at these two mermaids: Adrift and Bathtime by Selina Fenech: I really like them both! I love the Bathtime, I am a huge bath person. Well, I was until we moved and still *had* a bathtub that is. But when I look at Adrift, I feel relaxed, like I am the one floating easily on those waves. She brings out very soothing thoughts. I may not get either one I am just thinking right now. Which is your favorite? Aside from scheming to add projects I don't need, I am still working with Mystery 16. That and still reading. I got a kindle fire for Christmas and it really brought back my reading itch. I love reading on it...you can take a bunch of books wherever you go in a small slim package. Awesome. :) I LOVE that you can get free samples of the books, to see if its the kind of story that will grab you or not. They are usually a decent length too. Besides that I have Netflix on it, for me and my daughter to watch TV shows and some movies. We had to let satellite TV go long ago, to expensive! Its a small screen but we are good with that. Meanwhile the men of the house use the TV and computer for sports stuff. It all works out! I hope everyone is having a great week so far! :) Melissa

Friday, March 15, 2013

French Kitchen Garden

So I am still not done with part 1! Geeze, this is taking forever. I have been reading a whole lot lately so that explains part of it. Otherwise, I just feel like I am in slow motion when I am working on it. I am going to try my best to hang with it until I finish part 1. Then hopefully, I will be inspired enough to go ahead with part 2. I really want to catch up if I can... We are out of school today so I took all the kids to town for necessities. They actually did pretty well, considering. Tomorrow we have a cool church thing to do (food involved, lol) so we have a full weekend ahead. I am hoping to take a walk Sunday with my sister. yesterday, when I was speeding up and down the lass at school delivering messages I realized that I really miss walking! Plus I need to drop 5 pounds or so by August. 10 would be nice...but I don't torture myself. ;) Thanks for looking! Melissa PS I am doing a conversion for my French Garden, I only bought 1 silk the rest are similar variegated cottons or the recommended DMC option. javascript:void(0);

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A little progress on Winter Faeire Dreams

Here lately, I have been reading like crazy! I am not sure what came over me but I have found myself unable to put a book down and do some stitching. I did make good progress on my sweet little fairy: I got kicked out of the Mira group on Facebook yesterday. :( I am very upset about it, but there is nothing to be done. They were forcing us to sign a roll call with a statement in it that I could not agree to. After trying to reason with the admins, and making a post to explain why I couldn't sign it (I just wanted my friends to know why I would be disappearing), I was booted, within 5 minutes. It was very disturbing and upsetting. I actually still can't believe that it happened. I promise I am not a trouble maker. I have behaved according to the rules the entire time I have been a member, about a year I think it was. I understand they needed to see who was still an active member but the way they are doing it, and refusing to back off the statement they made, is just plain nuts! They told me they didn't mean it the way it sounded, it was just a play on words. If that was the case I think they would have been willing to reword for me, and others who were bothered by it. Since they didn't, I can only assume they DO mean it and the group is heading in a direction I don't wish to be a part of anyway. But I will miss it! I was there several times a day, had friends and so enjoyed looking at, and commenting on, everyones pics. Power abusers..I thought of that this morning. "We can boot her for not agreeing with us so lets do". Thats what happened, basically... Oh well, whining aside! I am still going to stitch Mira's of course, I am planning to buy the new one ASAP. There are other places to share and see pics that existed before that group so I guess its time to go back to the originals. :) Thanks for reading, and sorry for the lengthy whine, I needed to talk about it. I will do my best to forget it and not bring it up again..lol. Melissa