Friday, March 15, 2013

French Kitchen Garden

So I am still not done with part 1! Geeze, this is taking forever. I have been reading a whole lot lately so that explains part of it. Otherwise, I just feel like I am in slow motion when I am working on it. I am going to try my best to hang with it until I finish part 1. Then hopefully, I will be inspired enough to go ahead with part 2. I really want to catch up if I can... We are out of school today so I took all the kids to town for necessities. They actually did pretty well, considering. Tomorrow we have a cool church thing to do (food involved, lol) so we have a full weekend ahead. I am hoping to take a walk Sunday with my sister. yesterday, when I was speeding up and down the lass at school delivering messages I realized that I really miss walking! Plus I need to drop 5 pounds or so by August. 10 would be nice...but I don't torture myself. ;) Thanks for looking! Melissa PS I am doing a conversion for my French Garden, I only bought 1 silk the rest are similar variegated cottons or the recommended DMC option. javascript:void(0);


The Crafty Princess said...

It looks brilliant Melissa. I know how slow sometimes progress can feel and you just want it done. I hope you find a huge injection of stitching mojo for this project. Hang in there stunner it's just one stitch at a time. Good luck!

Claire said...

Wonderful stitching and good luck on the weight loss.I'm trying to lose some too.

Joysze said...

The colors are gorgeous on this one, Melissa! :D