Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dweezle the Garland Elf

After 3 years of off and on stitching, he is done!!! His face is over one, and there are lots of fractionals, mostly in the garland. He has quite a few beads too, which really added so much to him. I am very happy with him, and to be done with him. :) Just in time for the holidays! He is on 28ct waterlily jobelan and the design is by Lavender Wings.

Now, I am going to tackle Mirabella. I am about a week from being done with her and plan to hang in there until she is complete. Beading little Dweezle got me back into the groove of beading and I feel very ready for her now. I hadn't done any beading in a couple of years.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!! God Bless. :)


Thursday, November 12, 2009

HAED, Fall Fairy Ruth Sanderson

This piece is gorgeous! I wish you all could see it IRL. But I am loving it and want to finish the first page before I put her down. I am missing my Ravenscroft piece, and I am painfully close to being done with Blue Beard's Princess. My mom said she would get her framed for my b-day, whoo hoo! I haven't finished a Mira for myself in years.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Stitching updates

I got a bit more done on Bella's Sea Monkey, Hannah Disney HAED:

Bluebeard's Princess is almost done! I will most likely leave off the decorative thing up top so it will be just the border and seahorses. No beads yet, but I have a frame all ready to bead her as soon as I am done with all the stitching and BS.

Right now I am working on Fall Fairy by Ruth Sanderson. Its coming along great, lots of gorgeous colors in it. No pic yet..soon. :)


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bella Progress!

There may be a sweeter mermaid somewhere in the world, ,but I doubt it. This girl is purely sweet and innocent and I love that about her! She is stitching up better than I thought she would, she is stunning IRL.

Now this is why Sophie still doesen't have arms! I am in full speed stitching mode and will ride it out for now. :)


Monday, August 3, 2009

Bella progress

I got her hair filled in, and did her other eyebrow..now I am working on her skin. She is sweeter everyday!

Over the weekend I was on a camping trip with my church and we had so much fun! I hope we do it again next year. We did a smore party Saturday night and invited other campers for smore's and devotions and 10 people came. The kids mostly ran wild and swam and rode bikes though and we did have a small service Sunday morning. All in all, it was pretty perfect. :)


Monday, July 27, 2009

Sea Monkey 1 says hi.. :)

I love where I am at right now..I can imagine how gorgeous its going to be all filled in. That little sea monkey is full of bright blues and greens, I am tempted to fill him in soon, and maybe even sneak down and work on more of him on the other page, but we will see. I need to try and be a little disciplined and get that hair done first. And there is a lot of skin on this page too.

I will probably work on her a few more days, but I do expect my fabric for Meddy Mermaid any day now, so I may have to work on her when that comes in. :)


Saturday, July 25, 2009

A peek at Bella peeking :)

I am working away on the black outline, I plan to keep that up for now it gives you a nice "map" and you can go back and fill in however you feel like working. Right under her eye is the first sea monkey's little head...he will get outlined next but there is still a good deal of black in her eye for now that will probably keep me busy for tonite. I am enjoying her so much, and happy to be settled in with a project after several days of struggling to decide who to work on. :)


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bella's Sea Monkey Progress

Here is a pic of my progress, and a pic of how my Bella will look. I cropped her down a bit, on the sides and bottom. It will save weeks, maybe months, of stitching and I like her better this way. Valarie and Sheriella will be left as is. I am in a groove with Bella right now, and with a few ladies at the HAED BB hoping I will keep working on her, I am encouraged to get down into her face. I know that's what we all are dying to see, lol! She is so bright! And from what little of her skin I have done I can say her skin tone is just gorgeous, peachy and pinky. She will be beautiful. I plan to finish her hair on the current page then move directly under that page, which gets right into her face and even has part of one sea monkey. Then I will either move over to the left from that page, or go back up and do more hair to the left of the current page. But it might be fun to work on down, and get all of that sea monkey. :)


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lilac Progress

I stayed up late to finish her bouquet (except for beads) last night and even did a bit more copper in her wing. Isn't she perfect? I love her!

So I am not sure yet, if Bella will get pulled out tonite or nor..I am still really enjoying Lilac. :)


Monday, July 13, 2009

Lilac Spring Garden Progress

Ahh, she is so pretty! I had forgotten how much fun it is to stitch a Mira design. I got the missing kreinik I needed today so I will be able to get more wings done tonite. I am looking froward to getting back to her. :)

Tonite we have a pool party with our church, and the kids and I are really looking forward to it. Its from 6-8 and we get it all to ourselves. No blazing sun and no crowds, but we still get a lifeguard, yay! My mom picked up a couple of floats for Elora, who is 2.5 to try out. We are all going to the beach in a few weeks and this is a good chance to see how she does with them. One is a vest that makes her float, then the traditional water wings. I am afraid she will hate both, but she will have to use one of them. I hope she will cooperate! lol


Monday, July 6, 2009

Bella progress

Bella has a little skin now! And its beautiful! I love the orange highlights that she has in her hair, and got to fill in a bit of one. She is really bright IRL. She is going to be really beautiful I think. :)

I ordered Sheriella (also by Hannah Disney) during the 4th of July sale at HAED. And I plan to start her asap..that will make 3 Disney mermaids going and if Misty Morning were to get released, that will make 4, LOL! For now I will continue with Bella, but Valarie is starting to call out so I am not sure for how long. And I keep thinking it would be a good idea to finish Blue Beard Princess before my Meddy Mermaid fabric comes in, and I could easy if I just spent the time with her. I don't really like finish something, I prefer having them as a wip. Weird, I know. ;)


Thursday, July 2, 2009

More Bella Progress

She moves quickly. I did do more outlining and got a tiny bit of red stitched in before my eyes couldn't take anymore. :) I will be working more with the reds for a bit, I am tried of black even if it is easy. So far no major mistakes but I have been counting and recounting a lot. Its worth it I hate frogging.

My missing DMC for Bella will come in the same package as the fabric for Meddy Mermaid..so I am anxious to hear that it has arrived. I hope this week!

I decided I am going to have to sculpt a baby soon. I would like to get the beads for Meddy and I also really want the Pixie Couture Lilac. So some of my afternoons will have to go to that soon I guess. But its for a good cause, lol. ;O)

Happy Stitching!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bella progress

Bella is coming along! I hope tonite I can stitch in some of her hair, but I may make myself do more outlining. It gives you such a nice map to work where ever you want to and it goes quickly.

Thats a nice blue isn't it? Very bright IRL. She looks like she is going to be even more colorful stitched up. I am stiching her on 22 ct ivory fabric with one strand.

Well laundry waits, and the house is a mess. A perpetual state of being since the boys are out of school. ;) Tonite is church, yay. :)


Monday, March 23, 2009

Fairy Dust finished!

She's done!! I finished her up Saturday night, and even had time to work on Happy Ever After a little.


I also need to give some attention to my HEAD Beauty QS and HAED Biolumincescence Mermaid. These I love too, and want to work on them all. And then I am pretty close to having my Blue Beard's Princess done. I love having all these gorgeous projects in progress. :) I think I will work on BBP's this week, and see what I can do with her. I am pretty anxious to put some of her beads on, she is loaded with gorgeous sparklies.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fairy Dust progress

I so hope I can finish her this weekend, so I can get back to Happy Ever After. I am going to work on her today and tonite, and as much as possible tomorrow. She is beautiful! I don't mind working on her its just my other project is screaming louder. ;)

She is coming out bigger than I imagined. In the chart pic, its hard to see all of her wings..she is mostly wings. After getting through the BS she comes along easily. :)

I just found out my litle baby Delaney should be here by Thursday! I thought it would take a lot longer but my sweet friend is sending her express for me. :)


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stitching stuff

I am totally immersed in my HAED wips! I have 2 going, and will soon add another. So here are some pics of them...

First up, because she is the focus piece, Bioluminescence

She is easy to work on so far. Mostly navy blue, lol! And I am getting into the first jellyfish a little. I am working to get all but the most prominent color done so I can fill it in "mindlessly". She is the biggest HEAD I have, which is funny because I have another that looks like it ought to be the biggest. lol

I got my fisrt Rak a few days ago, and its Beauty and the Beasts QS by Selena Fenech. I started immediately, and here is my progress:

My newest gift that I got last night is Happy Ever After by Yvonne Gilbert. I am working on kitting it up. I had all but 32 of the colors (there are 89) and I need fabric. I will be working this one on 22ct one over one.

I am also working on European Bistro by Dimensions:

I love this design but it will be somewhat neglected. But I am never in a hurry to finish these. The fun is in the stitching part, imo. I am not going to take on any new ones until I finish something though, lol.

I am working on babies but have no pics to share right now. I need one for ebay, one for a b-day gift and one more for a sweet friend who has been so kind to me. :)


Monday, January 12, 2009

Mermaid Progress

Soooo, this is what I have been doing for the past week. I ditched the sculpting and just had fun with this project. I am a good way in, can't say on hours or days but its a lot; especially since I made a mistake in her arm and spent 2 hours trying to find it(never did) and correct it (just ripped it all out and redid it, lol). But she is worth it, she is beautiful!

Most of the time I am content to work a little here and there with no hurry to finish, but with her, I want her done and hanging on the wall. I already have a spot picked out for her. :0)

Fairy Dust and Chipie aren't here yet. I will be making at least 2 of the Fairy Dust and potentially 3. She is a small and fun project so it will be no problem.

I will be working on baby Darrin today and tomorrow, maybe tonite. I hope to have him listed Tuesday, but it may be more like Thursday.

I finally got to see Prince Caspian and I love it! Its a great movie. Now I hope they do Voyage of the Dawn Treader. It will make for an awesome movie too, its great story. I also saw Bedtime Stories Saturday and can recommend it. Its a nice clean and funny movie and my kiddos and I, and my sister laughed a lot..more than anyone else in the theatre. lol!