Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bella's Sea Monkey Progress

Here is a pic of my progress, and a pic of how my Bella will look. I cropped her down a bit, on the sides and bottom. It will save weeks, maybe months, of stitching and I like her better this way. Valarie and Sheriella will be left as is. I am in a groove with Bella right now, and with a few ladies at the HAED BB hoping I will keep working on her, I am encouraged to get down into her face. I know that's what we all are dying to see, lol! She is so bright! And from what little of her skin I have done I can say her skin tone is just gorgeous, peachy and pinky. She will be beautiful. I plan to finish her hair on the current page then move directly under that page, which gets right into her face and even has part of one sea monkey. Then I will either move over to the left from that page, or go back up and do more hair to the left of the current page. But it might be fun to work on down, and get all of that sea monkey. :)



Andie said...

Wow you've gotten heaps done already!

Melissa said...

Thanks Andie! I am trying! I am working the final color thru her hair in this spot right now, just took a quick break. Its looking really good, I am so happy with her. :)