Thursday, July 2, 2009

More Bella Progress

She moves quickly. I did do more outlining and got a tiny bit of red stitched in before my eyes couldn't take anymore. :) I will be working more with the reds for a bit, I am tried of black even if it is easy. So far no major mistakes but I have been counting and recounting a lot. Its worth it I hate frogging.

My missing DMC for Bella will come in the same package as the fabric for Meddy I am anxious to hear that it has arrived. I hope this week!

I decided I am going to have to sculpt a baby soon. I would like to get the beads for Meddy and I also really want the Pixie Couture Lilac. So some of my afternoons will have to go to that soon I guess. But its for a good cause, lol. ;O)

Happy Stitching!


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