Thursday, September 15, 2011

progress pics

I have put about 3 nights work into The Hillside Travelers from Little House Needleworks. I am using DMC only, except for the tree, I had enough of that cresent color to do the trees.

This is Happy Jack from the Halloween issue Just Cross Stitch. He is soo colorful!! I love to work on him. He is also done with DMC, and I plan to use some sparklies on him with the teeth and the green spots.

And this is Hope by Brooke Nolan, also from the Just Cross Stitch Halloween issue. She is gorgeous!!! Just a note, the BS on her face is off, but there is a correction chart on the JCS website. I am sorry to say that I emailed Brooke Nolan about that and asked her another question over a week ago and she never got back to me. :( But I still love this beautiful girl, she is lovely.

I fell in love with this kit from Lanarte, Japanese Girl today:

She is pricey so I will be saving her for a Christmas gift. She is done on black, ack!! But I don't care really' I have looked for just the right Japanese or Chinese design to do for a long time and this is it. She is up at ABC Stitch Therapy and AStitching Bits and Bobs and of course the Lanarte site.

I didn't get a thing done on The Hedgehog..:( Hopefully next post will have some good progress. :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

New start, Floss toss and new magazine! :))

First, here is a little more progress on The Hedgehog by Nimue. Its strange to say I love the colors in this when there are so few, but its really beautiful in person. I have the little gnome dude stitched now but he won't look like a gnome til he is backstitched. But, yesterday I got completely distracted from this project with something I found in a magazine. :)))

And this is the magazine...there are actually 3 MUST stitch items in here for me, and several more I would love to do for fun. Mr. Happy Jack you see on the front cover, with the big toothy grin is one of them. I also love the tiny little Acorn House. But there is something else in there I started as soon as I could get the stuff together and settle down last night....

And this is her, Hope by Brooke Nolan. Such a beautiful face!!! She is loaded up with kreiniks, about 6 of them. I am going to use subs, some sparkly some not for her. I had some that were close enough to go with but some I had to replace with DMC and one I replaced with a cresent color. I think she will be gorgeous...

Here is what I got done last night: So far, only called for colors have been used.

Now finally, I went and got fabric and thread for Little House Needleworks, The Hillside Travelers yesterday. I couldn't be happier with the fabric color, thrilled actually. Its of the ivory cream family I suppose but its much richer, perfect! The only one they had too. I am going to use DMC only and I can't wait to see how it comes out. :))

So yesterday was a fun day! My small daughter and I went to Michael's and the pet store then to McDonald's and to get groceries. Then last night we had a picnic with my parents in the forest and let the kids play in the river a while. Finished up by getting to start Hope when I got home. Perfect day!!! :)