Saturday, September 3, 2011

New start, Floss toss and new magazine! :))

First, here is a little more progress on The Hedgehog by Nimue. Its strange to say I love the colors in this when there are so few, but its really beautiful in person. I have the little gnome dude stitched now but he won't look like a gnome til he is backstitched. But, yesterday I got completely distracted from this project with something I found in a magazine. :)))

And this is the magazine...there are actually 3 MUST stitch items in here for me, and several more I would love to do for fun. Mr. Happy Jack you see on the front cover, with the big toothy grin is one of them. I also love the tiny little Acorn House. But there is something else in there I started as soon as I could get the stuff together and settle down last night....

And this is her, Hope by Brooke Nolan. Such a beautiful face!!! She is loaded up with kreiniks, about 6 of them. I am going to use subs, some sparkly some not for her. I had some that were close enough to go with but some I had to replace with DMC and one I replaced with a cresent color. I think she will be gorgeous...

Here is what I got done last night: So far, only called for colors have been used.

Now finally, I went and got fabric and thread for Little House Needleworks, The Hillside Travelers yesterday. I couldn't be happier with the fabric color, thrilled actually. Its of the ivory cream family I suppose but its much richer, perfect! The only one they had too. I am going to use DMC only and I can't wait to see how it comes out. :))

So yesterday was a fun day! My small daughter and I went to Michael's and the pet store then to McDonald's and to get groceries. Then last night we had a picnic with my parents in the forest and let the kids play in the river a while. Finished up by getting to start Hope when I got home. Perfect day!!! :)



Jan said...

I love the new design you have started and your stash of DMCs for the LHN pattern are so pretty. I'm watching your Hedgehog progress keenly too.

Melissa said...

I guess I better keep working on him then. :) I tried to comment on your blog and for some reason I can't, the comment button isn't clickable for me. I love the rabbits!!! I love that piece, its gorgeous!