Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nimue Pieces

I love Nimue designs, whimsical pieces that are usually a challenge to do. I am working on 4 of them right now and have stitched Dust of the Fairy twice. I plan to do her again for myself eventually, but for now I have these :)

This one is called Fairies Coprinus and is a fairy standing on a mushroom(I can only assume that Coprinus is French for mushroom but I have never googled it so not sure, lol) She is LOADED with backstitch! I am doing it as I go along otherwise it will be to much at once.

This sweet Elf is Chippie...I am stitching her on a nice blue as opposed to some shade of brown that most of these call for. With her flowers, its just what she wanted. She is an easy one. Not much backstitch and pretty small.

This is maybe my favorite, and the biggest; The Hare and the Postman. I love the realism of the hare and the details on it. I did not buy the kit (i never do) so when the time comes I will be hunting up my own embellishments for this to make the reins and buckles.

This is the we have a little Gnome guy riding the hedgehog with his house on its back and a bird hitching a ride. I only have about 4 hours in this so far so its coming along fast. I love the colors!! I plan to look for something to replace the little bells at the craft store.

I pulled this one, Rainbow Birds by Valarie Pfieffer out of my craft box a few weeks ago and have put quite a few hours in it. They are so cute, I cam enjoying stitching each bird, but not looking forward to the grass. ;))

I am kitting up a new one, The Hillside Travelers by Little House Needleworks. I got an irresistible urge to stitch a piece with little houses in it. I am not brave enough to try out a Carriage House piece yet, but I am working up to it i think. I really like the new Farm's of Hawk Run Hollow:

Its great, I like every single block on it. Especially for some reason the apple butter one. :))

Tomorrow is September, wow! I think that's why I am in such a stitchy mood. Fall makes me want to be creative. I am so blessed to have so many great pieces to work on.