Friday, April 13, 2012

So what have I been doing.

Its hard to say for sure, haha. I have started Nora's Tigerlily. i got a good ways with Poppy...I am trying to decide if I want to stitch Alexandra, Golden Girl Apples or Red Skies at Night next. Right now, Red Skies at night it winning, I just wish it wasn't in a book. But everytime i see a WIP or finish of Alexandra, I want her and the same goes for Golden Girl, lol. And I need a new project like I need a broken hand, lol. I drug out the very neglected The Hare and the Postman and am going to do some with him this month. I joined and April Stitch-a-Long group on Facebook, that that is my project.

All of my Pixie Girls in progress:

Nimue, The Hare and the Postman

This is an overlay of Golden Girl on cream fabby. Its what I want to stitch her on.