Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bella progress

Bella is coming along! I hope tonite I can stitch in some of her hair, but I may make myself do more outlining. It gives you such a nice map to work where ever you want to and it goes quickly.

Thats a nice blue isn't it? Very bright IRL. She looks like she is going to be even more colorful stitched up. I am stiching her on 22 ct ivory fabric with one strand.

Well laundry waits, and the house is a mess. A perpetual state of being since the boys are out of school. ;) Tonite is church, yay. :)



Andie said...

Hi :) I followed your link from the Mira board and have enjoyed reading your blog, love your projects and the wee babies are gorgeous!

Melissa said...

Hi Andie! I just linked up to your blog, I love your pics! Your mermaids are beautiful and I love that RR, I saw it on another blog. Thank you, I am enjoying my projects but I am dying for my fabric for MM. ;)