Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dweezle the Garland Elf

After 3 years of off and on stitching, he is done!!! His face is over one, and there are lots of fractionals, mostly in the garland. He has quite a few beads too, which really added so much to him. I am very happy with him, and to be done with him. :) Just in time for the holidays! He is on 28ct waterlily jobelan and the design is by Lavender Wings.

Now, I am going to tackle Mirabella. I am about a week from being done with her and plan to hang in there until she is complete. Beading little Dweezle got me back into the groove of beading and I feel very ready for her now. I hadn't done any beading in a couple of years.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!! God Bless. :)



stitchinfiend said...

How cute is he and his face is just beautiful. I love over one. Love his colours too.

Claire said...

He looks fantastic, love the boots.

Melissa said...

Thank you both! I like the look of over one too. :)