Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Found a kit that I really like!

She is called A Touch of Gold and is by Bucilla, for only $30! I think her face is so pretty! I may have to get this next month, to celebrate spring. :D I will wait a couple weeks to make sure it isn't a passing fancy, lol. OK here is mystery 16 ugh. I am doing a lot of sighing while I work on this. I am not sure why I? I am a HAED stitcher, good grief this is nothing compared to those! But as you can see, I have made some progress. Its very slow going. Not only are we dealing with fairly heavy confetti, but there are lots of quarter stitches. All those missing spots in otherwise completed areas will be special stitches to give some texture. Its going to be gorgeous, and I am happy to say that my conversion is looking great compared with other pieces so I am happy about all of that, but MAN will I ever be done with part 1??! lol Its been a trip! So that's what I am working on right now. I finally managed to quit reading like a maniac and stitch again. That should help. ;) Thank you so much for looking! I appreciate all of the encouragement from everyone. I am feeling much better about my banishment from the Facebook group now, I think I am past it. I have several other groups that I enjoy that are great places to hang out and very fairly moderated. You just have to find the right fit. :) Melissa

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