Monday, August 6, 2012

Back from the beach :)

Myrtle Beach. It was pretty crowded, I am thinking something more remote for next year?? But it was beautiful and we had so much fun, me, my mom and sister plus 4 kids ages 1.5-14. Yikes.

I got to go to Books A Million! Which is a rare treat. I picked up 3 new magazines one being Cross Stitch Collection, July issue. When I got home I pulled the materials for Joan Elliot's Summer Goddess. I have barely started her, and won't get to work on her much, what with the two monster Chatelaines I have on the go but I am happy to have her in my stitching pile. Here she is so far:

I wish I could afford to subscribe to that magazine, but its just WAY to much! Because I wanted to be sure and Jet Joan's Sweet Pea Fairy, I got that one Online for $4.99, and dh is going to print the chart out for me.

Here is where Deep Blue Sea is right now (no stitching while I was at the beach)

Before I left I had quite a good run with it, and now I am a little burned out. So I am going to switch between Summer Goddess and Serengeti for the next few days. I feel a little guilty about that..I hope I get over it. :))

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McKenna C. said...

Beautiful stitching!