Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bella Progress!

There may be a sweeter mermaid somewhere in the world, ,but I doubt it. This girl is purely sweet and innocent and I love that about her! She is stitching up better than I thought she would, she is stunning IRL.

Now this is why Sophie still doesen't have arms! I am in full speed stitching mode and will ride it out for now. :)



Andie said...

She is beautiful! Would you mins sharing what count and how many strands over how many threads? I am considering starting a HAED.... and yours looks great :D

Melissa said...

Hi Andie!

I use 22ct fabric with one strand. The trick is to use a colored fabric; plain white tends to show thru with one strand. I am using gray 22ct for another one, and antique tan and these get great coverage. This one is ivory and its okay, but I wish I was doing her on the gray instead. I use 22ct because I just can't see the 25 as well and I won't work on something that makes me miserable, you know? But I have used 22, 18 and 25 and 22 is the count for me. :) HAED's are addictive, they are so much cooler to work on than normal stitching I think, so rewarding! :)