Monday, February 18, 2013

Chatelaine Mystery 16

I decided to jump in there with Mystery 16, even though I am already doing Deep Blue Sea and Serengeti...and I must admit that at first it was really hard to hang in there with it but now that I am seeing real progress I love it! I worked out a conversion of variegated fibers in cottons, as usual. And am using all the called for DMC. Meanwhile, I am truly in love with The Siren and the Shipwreck... Must have!! I am thinking the chart next month, the materials the next...we'll see. :) I am also working away on Faerie Winter Dreams: And finally, Cmon Monde's Miss Paris: I've been a very bad blogger lately, lol! I am going to contrive to do better now. :) Thanks for looking at my work!


sharine said...

You might be a bad blogger but you are a wonderful stitcher:)

Claire said...

Your stitching is so neat.

Melissa said...

Thank you both!! <3

~Narita said...


Just so you know, your beautiful stitching MADE me decide to do Deep Blue Sea. And I did pick my fabric, if you want to see, its on my blog.
(I've not posted any pictures though because its a gift/surprise for my daughter's next Christmas gift and she might see it)
Its my main focus, so I'm almost 1/2 finished

Melissa said...

I enjoy your blog Narita! I love the fabric that you chose, its beautiful, I am sure she will be thrilled with it! I just looked at doing more of a rotation so that I can get back to mine, and be fair among my projects. :)