Monday, May 14, 2012

Deep Blue Sea (spoiler pic)

Years ago, I stitched a Chatelaine design called Indian Summer Reflections, which was a complete mystery at the time. I enjoyed it so much, but I stopped doing those because of the expense. Well, last night I requested to join and paid up for Chatelaines Deep Blue Sea! I am sooo excited!!
Of course its not a mystery to me, and probably not to anyone else..who could stand NOT to look, if you have the choice? ;) I can't afford to buy the whole silk kit so will be using 90% DMC and pick out a couple of silks that I especially want to use depending on how and where they are used. I had to get past the silk thing, to be able to do these at all. I have seen complete Chatelaines with the DMC conversions, and you would never know, if they hadn't told you. :) I hope to get started within 2 weeks, and get caught up with the group ASAP. They haven't got to much done yet, so I think it won't be to bad. It will be lots of fun, actually. :) I am planning to stitch it on 28ct forget me not blue jobelan. Right now, I am working on my HAED Moth girl
This is an old pic, I am working on her little hands and shoulders at the moment. Her neck is done..I am anxious to work down to her gorgeous wings, that look like stained glass. She is a sweetie! And I love that there is no background to stitch, just her! She is on 25ct antique white jobelan. I am still waiting on Miss Paris to be shipped, it could take another 2 weeks. She comes from France. That's cool, right? Melissa


Anonymous said...

Melissa: I LOVE the photo in your banner/header! The purples and lilacs are stunning! It would make a gorgeous cross-stitch piece or a really frustrating jigsaw puzzle.

...and of course, your stitching is beautiful, too! Thanks for sharing.

dulcinella said...

Good thing you started the chatelaine group. Enjoy stitching it! And you're right, it's not about the floss, the designs in themselves are simply gorgeous. I also like your other cross stitch design, but you have some work ahead:-)

The Crafty Pixie said...

Melissa! I love your little Moth Girl! She is so Pretty! I can't wait to see the rest of her! And the Deep Blue Sea looks Super Gorgeous! ^_^

Melissa said...

Well the good thing about the Chatelaines is you get one part a month for 12 months so its not an all at once project. Of course I am a few months behind (they started in January) but that's okay. I am so excited to join them, its going to be so much fun! I will take a new pic of Miss Moth soon...she almost has another hand. She has such a sweet, bewildered little face..I love her. Thank you all!

Mel said...

Glad you're going to get into the Chatelaine. And it's so true, not about the supplies you use it's about the journey to the finish and it will look beautiful no matter what!

Moth girl is just too cute. Looking forward to more of her!