Monday, May 21, 2012

Miss Paris is here :)

I received a shipping notice on Saturday from ABC Stitch Therapy, that my order would be shipped the next business day. Monday, right? Well, imagine my surprise when this was in the mailbox this afternoon:

Someone must have sent that notice a bit late. :) I am not exactly surprised that the instructions are in French..but I guess I thought there was an English version?? Maybe? Then, the key is funny, not for Anchor or guess who gets to pick out her own colors? No problem...I do that often actually. I will set to work on fabric and floss for her asap.

A woman has the right to change her mind, right??

I said I had Poppy on the Q-snaps, but I got this sudden and overwhelming urge to pull out my HAED Hannah Lynn Girls. After some dithering, I decided to work on Toucan Falls:

I am planning to work on her until my fabric arrives for Deep Blue Sea. I am filling in the toucan, working with such bright colors! Its very cheering. She is a pretty little thing, and only about 8"x6", small for a HAED. The other is Bella's Sea Monkeys:

She is HUGE! If I did the whole thing, she would be 16"x20". I have cropped her a bit, but if I change my mind and want to do the whole thing, the fabric is big enough. Not sure when I will work on her again..soon though. :)

Thanks for peeking, and reading!


Veronica said...

Your HAED WiPs are sooooo pretty! I think it's always fun to pick your own colour palette :)


Maud said...

Heya Melissa,

French is my native language, so I'll be happy to translate the instructions for Miss Paris for you. Drop me a note if you want me to :)

Melissa said...

Oh thank you Maud! I think its ok though, its a pretty cut and dry chart. If I do run into a problem I will let you know. :) Thank you also Veronica! :)