Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Two mermaids to love :)

I am sort of trying to talk myself into taking on a big HAED and I am looking at these two mermaids: Adrift and Bathtime by Selina Fenech: I really like them both! I love the Bathtime, I am a huge bath person. Well, I was until we moved and still *had* a bathtub that is. But when I look at Adrift, I feel relaxed, like I am the one floating easily on those waves. She brings out very soothing thoughts. I may not get either one I am just thinking right now. Which is your favorite? Aside from scheming to add projects I don't need, I am still working with Mystery 16. That and still reading. I got a kindle fire for Christmas and it really brought back my reading itch. I love reading on can take a bunch of books wherever you go in a small slim package. Awesome. :) I LOVE that you can get free samples of the books, to see if its the kind of story that will grab you or not. They are usually a decent length too. Besides that I have Netflix on it, for me and my daughter to watch TV shows and some movies. We had to let satellite TV go long ago, to expensive! Its a small screen but we are good with that. Meanwhile the men of the house use the TV and computer for sports stuff. It all works out! I hope everyone is having a great week so far! :) Melissa


Monique said...

I also have Adrift on my to stitch list and also have Mermaid by Alena Lazareva. Never seen the bathtub one before though. Such a hard choice between the 2 but I choose Adrift.

Karen said...

Adrift looks really cool - I think it would be as soothing to stitch as to look at :) Tough decision!

Melissa said...

Yeah Adrift may be it...she is awesome! Thank you both! :)