Monday, July 13, 2009

Lilac Spring Garden Progress

Ahh, she is so pretty! I had forgotten how much fun it is to stitch a Mira design. I got the missing kreinik I needed today so I will be able to get more wings done tonite. I am looking froward to getting back to her. :)

Tonite we have a pool party with our church, and the kids and I are really looking forward to it. Its from 6-8 and we get it all to ourselves. No blazing sun and no crowds, but we still get a lifeguard, yay! My mom picked up a couple of floats for Elora, who is 2.5 to try out. We are all going to the beach in a few weeks and this is a good chance to see how she does with them. One is a vest that makes her float, then the traditional water wings. I am afraid she will hate both, but she will have to use one of them. I hope she will cooperate! lol


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KreinikGirl said...

She'll be beautiful! When you're finished, post a picture on our Facebook page (Kreinik Manufacturing Company) - you will inspire other stitchers. :)