Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Deep Blue Sea, as far as I can go with part one for now.

Here is part one, with all of the threads I have as of now. Others are on backorder, some important ones. But it looks amazing already, and its big! Just to be part one, I am surprised at how large it is. I am going to work into part 2 now, as much as I can do. I have threads coming in a few days for the rest but will have to wait until July for the backordered ones for part one. :( I am so anxious to see it all together, I hate to wait. Thank you all for your comments and encouragement, I will need it before the end I am sure. Right now, I am in stitchy heaven. but I haven't started trying to figure out those jessica's for the shells in part two yet, lol! ;)

I love Whoo's There by Prairie Schooler:

I don't normally go for halloween pieces, but this one grabbed me. I love the crooked path to the house and the owls of course. Its going on the wishlist for sure. :))

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