Monday, June 18, 2012

Deep Blue Sea, those dreaded jessica shells

Wow, I got them right the first try! I was so nervous, I was sure I wouldn't be able to do them. It was intense, I really had to concentrate, focus and keep my place but considering how hard I expected them to be, I am pleasantly surprised at how well they went. I used Crescent Colors La Tierra. I felt that it went well with my other colors. (topiary really just didn't, I had some from an old project but it just looked bad to me) I bs'd them with DMC 453. I didn't even look to see what Martina used, I just knew it was a light color and went with that. It goes well with the browns imo. I am getting downright cocky here, right? lol!!!

I miss my red ninja, but I am having so much fun stitching deep blue sea, I can't put it down yet. I am determined to catch up asap, with the group. :)))


Anonymous said...


just having a peek at your lovely blog.

Deep Blue sea looks beautiful and the jessica shells are very pretty!

Veronica said...

Well done on your Jessica Shells. They look great :D


Melissa said...

Thank you both! :)