Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Red Ninja June 6th, also a free mystery sampler

Here she is again, with most of her eye filled in. I am missing 2 colors, that should be here Friday if all goes well. I got into her mask just a bit last night. I can already see that its really going to bring her face out. I feel this is the prettiest HAED eye that I have stitched so far. LOTS of colors in there, and around it too.

Deep Blue Sea part one threads will be here Friday too, minus 3 that had to be ordered. I can get a lot done though, while I wait.

I am stitching By the Bay Needlearts FREE mystery sampler for June. You get one part a week this month, 4 parts in all. It measures 4x6" when done so small. Here is my progress so far, about 3 hours:

I am using some of the called for threads and some of my own. I had some Thread Gatherer Rose Briar left over from another project that I replaced one of the pinks with. The fabric is a hand dyed but I can;t remember where it came from, or what its name is. Just a couple little gems in my craft box that were perfect for this tiny project. I need to finish up so I will be ready for next week. Its a lot of fun to be a part of this. If you want to join in, just visit her blog; I have it in my blog list on the right..By The Bay Needleart. :)


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sharine said...

I love red ninja!