Saturday, June 23, 2012

Deep Blue Sea, missing threads are on the way!

I got word from 123 Stitch! yesterday that ALL of my backordred threads are on the way, yay! I am nearly done with part two and the next pic I share I hope to be finished with part one and two. It will be so nice to get those empty spaces filled in, they are driving me nuts! I only lack six more shells to be done with part 2, here it is:

I will do all beading at the end. I use q-snaps. I kind of wish I had a nice frame sometimes but I like the freedom of the q-snaps. You can sit however, where-ever. You can make them the size that you need too. I don't think 2 handed stitching would go over well with me either. I am to set in my ways. ;) lol

I have 2 female guinea pigs. I found out this week that I have been feeding them to much. Quite a bit to much, that explains why they are so chubby, heehee. So I am cutting them back, poor babies. They beg so much for food, its hard to say no. They get the standard, vitamin c enriched food and I also feed them lots of fruits and veggies. Generally, its standard food for breakfast, and veggies or fruit in the evening. We also work on socializing them. They don't mind for me to hold them, usually, but they get a little mad at the kids. We are quite sweet to them, I think they are super spoiled actually. I clean the cage every 3 days and they get play time outside of the cage nearly everyday. Also, they go outside often. I hope I am doing my best for them. I want them to live long and healthy lives. :)

Have a happy weekend everyone!!


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dulcinella said...

I understand about the q snaps, it's the same with hoops. Sometimes I'm drooling over all the great,frames, but then again I can't see myself carry it around all the time:-) good to hear you can soon go on stitching on your projects. Your guinea pigs are spoiled rotten from what I hear.