Friday, June 29, 2012

Deep Blue Sea center filled in!

I really liked all of the pictures so I am sharing them all. :)

I decided to leave the back stitching off the waves. I started to back stitch one, and realized I liked it better without it. I don't have those done yet, but will soon. They go pretty fast. I did the gold bs in the very center though, it looks pretty I think. Soon I can get back to part 3!! I love the corals.

Thanks for looking!


dulcinella said...

Looks beautiful! Lovely colors and great stitching.

Mel said...

absolutely stunning my dear. Love it!

Rincón del Punto de Cruz said...

Todos tus bordados son increíbles.
Me encantan y te felicito.
Soy tu seguidora.
Beso desde España.

Melissa said...

Thank you all sooo much! I finished the last wave last night so I can now get back tot eh corals. I am still liking the waves as they are, no backstitching. It looks so pretty and delicate that way....

Veronica said...

The colours still leave me in awe every time I see this. Beautiful stitching, Melissa.